US Senate SCOTUS Hearing Points to Military Trials Against Deep State Officials

Q has posted many times referencing  use of Military Trials For subversive agents  and Confiscation of Wealth from them. Suddenly, there appears to be interest out there on this topic! President Trump has previously prepared how to handle these types of subversive agents while working to build the cases to drain the deep state swamp!

Q Anon referred to Trump’s Executive Order issued on December 21, 2017 creating a “national emergency” in the US due to “serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world”. The Executive Order makes clear that all involved in such abuses constitute an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to U.S. national security:

I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, such as those committed or directed by persons listed in the Annex to this order, have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems…The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.

I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

In addition to blocking the financial assets of all that are linked to such abuses, the Executive Order justifies the military justice system being used against all individuals, including US public officials, that participate in subversive acts at a time of a “national emergency”.

Interesting that now there is sudden public interest on this topic based on US Senator Lindsey Graham questioning of US Supreme Court nominee Judge Bret Kavanaugh regarding that the US is in a state of war under the full jurisdiction of military tribunals, whose authority authorizes them to execute those found being enemies of the state.

See great posting by deusnexus below for much more, including excellent video of Senator Lindsey Graham asking these questions so soon after traitor John McCain was laid to rest.


Must See Video Summary of Q Posts Tied Together & Explained Regarding What Fake News Calls Conspiracies – They Don’t Want You To See The Truth!

Really good summary of all the Q “conspiracy theories” being disputed by the fake news media and proof that they are not theories but the truth – a must watch!!!

Examples are:

  • Who paid for Obama’s education?
  • IRAN illegal money transfer
  • How taxpayer money is used to fund insurrections in other countries,
  • Snowden being a higher up agent that worked for the deep state,
  • Vatican and the Catholic Church helping to divide us and being untouchable,
  • Social Media (FB, Twitter and Google) were funded startups by the deep state that uses them to silence conservatives,
  • Hillary’s email server hacked by China and other countries was a pay to play for the Clinton Foundation and led to the deaths of ~ 20 American agents in China,
  • How slush funds and money movements are made,
  • How communications between deep state and higher politicians were being made to hide communications by utilizing Xbox and use of drafts folders in google’s gmail, etc
  • The Russians interfering in the Presidential election fallacy used to enable deep state to spy on President Trump illegally with illegal FISAs
  • And so much more!

The case against the deep state, politicians and heads of other countries has been slowly built by Q and many other sites like The Conservative Treehouse to help educate the people so they understand all the crimes being committed against the people of our country and the secretive means of communication so they can continue to fleece money from Americans and drive the US to a more controlled country by creating chaos within. Why grand juries and military tribunals are happening and will be continuing into the future to make the politicians and deep state participants that stole so much from the American people and have caused so much chaos in our country and around the world pay for their crimes against the American people and against people of the world!


Author’s Twitter account of this video for further info:

Animal Rights and Animal Welfare-There Is A Difference!

Why I Don’t Support the Animal Rights Movement: (And Why if You Love Your Pet, You Shouldn’t Either)

Animals Rights. I’m sure you’ve heard the term. Animal Rights activists fight for the rights of animals – sounds good, right?

Of course it sounds good, so why the hell wouldn’t I support it? Of course I believe that animals should have rights! They should have the right to their life, health, and respect, just like people. I’m sure you agree, and when you hear Animal Rights, this is probably what comes to mind.

I remember when I first became a vegetarian many years ago. I looked to PETA to lead the way for me. I got all these whacky pro-vegetarian stickers sent to my house in a free “vegetarian starter kit, and I passed them out at school and supported the hell out of PETA. I supported their mission, because, who wouldn’t? They’re a group dedicated to saving and helping animals, right?

You might want to sit down.


Since 1998, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has killed over 36,000 animals. 93% of all animals that fall under PETA’s care never make it out alive.


PETA has been caught literally kidnapping pets from people’s yards and taking them to be euthanized. PETA and other extremist AR groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have been caught staging things like exotic animal escapes and attacks that lead to stricter animal ownership laws. When the rose-colored glasses come off, the horrible truths go on and on.

In 2014, surveillance footage showed a PETA employee stealing Maya, a beloved chihuahua, from her porch as she sat outside in her favorite spot. Maya was euthanized immediately upon intake despite laws requiring rescues to hold animals for 5 days. PETA has owned up, calling it “a tragic mistake” (not sure how you accidentally trespass, steal and then euthanize a family pet, but ok). Maya’s heartbroken family is suing PETA for $9 million dollars.

I know, I know, you want proof of all of these outlandish claims. I’m glad you want proof – always ask for proof. That’s a good habit to have. Never change.

For the ultimate truthseeker, I invite you to explore – they did all the work for me, and all of their work is well cited and backed up. Proof galore, just how we like it. For some quick things to get you thinking, though, I’m sure your biggest question is WHY? Why would a group that claims to love animals KILL them? Doesn’t that seem insane?

It’s very insane. PETA and the entire Animal Rights movement is exactly that – very insane. Here is a quote explaining the reason behind killing animals from the president of PETA and “mother” of the Animal Rights movement herself, Ms. Ingrid Newkirk, who is an actual lunatic:

“The animals got the gift of euthanasia, and to them it was the best gift they’ve ever had. How dare you pretend to help animals and turn your back on those who want an exit from an uncaring world!” Ingrid Newkirk, PETA President.

Oh. Well, m-maybe she was just joking! Yeah, that’s it…it’s all just a joke. Just a silly joke. Haha…ha-

Okay, here we are at a press conference in 2005, like…in public. Here’s what she said when asked to elaborate on why PETA employees were arrested after dumping hundreds of dead animals in a dumpster. Surely she had an explanation.

“Euthanasia is the kindest gift to a dog or cat unwanted and unloved.”

Continue Reading her article here:



Here is a post I made to one of my roommates in College that couldn’t understand why I cannot support Hillary and why I support Trump , which was the opposite of her beliefs. Here is my response to her that I thought I would share with everyone!

I am happy to have a polite political discussion with you because you are my friend and always will be my friend. In terms of our different political views, let me comment on where I am coming from so you can see why I don’t support Hillary and why I support Trump.

You know me very well from our college years and you know I have always been an ardent and vocal supporter for women’s rights – hell, I even wore my ERA bracelet until it broke and fell off my wrist. During my career as a professional in a man’s world in the oil business, I pushed for women and became their spokesperson when they were afraid to speak up. I always believed women need equal opportunities and equal pay and early on when I started my career it was very difficult for women in the working world to be accepted. Only through women showing they could do the hard work did women get ahead, as it should be. It is certainly a lot better than it was when I started but we are still working to improve women’s equality with men.

I could not wait until the day we would have our first Woman President in office. I am very saddened that it has taken so long! But I want the right woman to become our first Woman President, a woman that all women could be proud of! Hillary is not that woman! She will taint the image of all women and set women back a generation, erasing all the hard work this generation has done to get women accepted as equals in our lives and careers.

Before Hillary even announced running for President, I posted on Facebook how women needed to be very careful before deciding to support Hillary if she decided to run for President, because her lack of accomplishments and scandals around her would set back the progress women have made. I do not want Hillary to be representative of what women can do and become, because she will taint all people’s perceptions about women being qualified by association. I at one time during the early Clinton Administration thought Hillary could be a great President someday because she was an intelligent women. But over time I got to see the scandals surrounding her and Bill and to me ethics is right up there as a very important characteristic that can make or break a person. Bill and Hillary do not care about women, men, me or you, they only care about power and money for themselves and paying back others that have done favors for them. Hillary in all her years as a public servant has not really accomplished anything for the American people. Even before all this recent stuff came out, I knew Clinton was very dirty and she only does something if it will get her something. She has scandal after scandal surrounding her, but is so very politically connected and has dirt on so many other Political people, that the political elite have always protected her. She is not a woman I would want to work with, work for or be friends with and because of that I damn well do not want her to be our President.

Please know that the recent financial crisis, that destroyed the value of homes for so many people, was due to legislation and the push from the Clinton administration. We are here trying to come out of a severe recession because of Bill Clinton’s initiatives enacted while he was in the White House regarding the banks, trade, loosening mortgage standards, etc. The lack of jobs also is partly caused by his trade legislation during his administration. People have to understand that the effects from previous legislation take a while to work through the system and most people will not notice it since the change is slow-moving or they are asleep, including the politicians. People think everything is great because things are cheaper, labor is cheap and stock prices continue to go up.

However, all those nice cheaper things come at a cost. For example, corporations keep trying to cut costs, which is good, but sometimes they cut too much by gutting their workforce, replacing workers with illegal people or lower paid imported workers or they send certain job functions overseas. People do not notice the slow erosion of our economy where more jobs go overseas and where more illegal immigrants take over more entry-level jobs, and where Corporations start utilizing H-1B VISAs to get rid of older professionals and replace them with very young people from other countries willing to work for much less. This affects the economy and people’s ability to buy goods in our country! Some people have seen what is going on, but because of this election and because of Trump bringing this issue to the forefront, many more people are finally becoming aware of it.

The government unemployment rate is a false figure because of the misleading formula used. It only shows the people on unemployment over the last 6 months, the maximum term of unemployment benefits. Once people drop off unemployment after having used up all their benefits, they no longer count as unemployed in the formula. America has really not gotten back any meaningful jobs, so a lot of people are unemployed without any benefits and not counted, or go on welfare or disability and are not counted or take early retirement and are not counted.

How about all the students graduating with great professional degrees that can only get a minimal paying job or no job at all? How about all the many laid off professional people who would like a job and have a lot of intelligence and experience to offer but will never be considered because of a number, their age! The rest of the unemployed people that did not successfully get a job in their profession maybe will be lucky to get a minimum wage job just to exist and are then counted as being fully employed. All student’s jobs, summer jobs and entry-level jobs are not available for the young Americans because either some professionals have taken those jobs, some wives have to go to work to make ends meet or the flood of illegal immigrants are taking those jobs, leaving hardly anything for the young Americans.

We need to pick and chose the best people to come into our country to supplement and fill the jobs available AFTER ALL American’s have jobs. All people who want to come to our country need to be vetted and our country also needs to make sure we need their skills to supplement our American workers and not replace our American workers. And people that come to our country have to be self-sufficient with no welfare, food stamps etc, the way it was when Our Grandparents came over to the USA. That frees up more money for people that are on welfare and are unemployed and can help them get the jobs filled by people that shouldn’t be here. Lowering the tax rate structure for US companies from one of the highest in the developed world to closer to competing countries will  attract more companies to come back to the USA and employ more Americans.

There were a lot of underground talk from FBI informants this past summer when they became concerned that their investigation into Hillary Clinton server and emails weren’t being taken seriously by the upper political directors and after seeing all the roadblocks that were being placed in their way hindering their investigation. They started sounding the alarm even before Comey came before the public in July and asserted that Clinton was careless and had classified info on her personal devices and shared the info with people not having those clearances, but they would recommend the Department of Justice NOT pursue an indictment. I have had a Top Secret Clearance in the past and I can tell you that no one would be able to get away with doing what she did without some jail time. This corruption I have seen has shaken me to the core!

Probably the worst thing I learned from the underground talk was that Hillary, if elected President or if she steals the election, will have the USA in war with Russia within the first year of her administration and it will become a major World War. I do not have any children, but I am so concerned for everyone else’s children and grandchildren, both sons and daughters, because they will all be called to fight this war. Hillary throughout her job as Secretary of State has wrongly supported wars in the Middle East and along with Obama has supplied arms to rebels that allowed rebel factions to split off with the strongest faction becoming ISIS, causing the rise of terrorism in our country and many other countries. There was talk about some of these issues in Special Operations Force groups starting many years ago. She also will continue funding wars to help pay off the big defense contributors to her campaign.

I am going to end here with those being the main reasons for why I cannot support Hillary as President. There are so many other reasons I will not get into, regarding how she ran her dirty campaign and the Clinton Foundation fiasco, etc.

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything good about Hillary becoming President at all, other than us getting our First Woman President, after many years of waiting! I want the First Woman President to be the right woman that I can be proud of!

I will give a separate post regarding why I support Donald Trump as President and some things will surprise you!

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